6: Creating Insights for Improved Operational EfficiencyListen now (45 min) | Guests: Michel van Vorselen, Kranji Solutions/MySep and Tom Ralston, MySep
#5: At the dawn of a major separation evolutionListen now (39 min) | Get away from Flintstone solutions to the future with digitalization and data mining
#4: In-person conferencing againListen now (25 min) | ADIPEC - Energy sector focusing on decarbonization, efficiency and cooperation
#3: Technology Implementation & Replication - Portfolio thinking Listen now (39 min) | Guest - Erik Nijveld, Technologycatalogue.com
#2: Sand Management - what's the fuzz?Listen now (34 min) | Make your processes work efficiently, and some reflections from our recent Tech Talk
#1. The Operations & Optimization PodcastListen now (41 min) | Our first intro episode - and the need for further innovation and optimization
This is Operations & Optimization by Mika and James, a newsletter about Podcast about operational issues and excellence with guests.

Operations & Optimization by Mika and James